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MAPTOGIS is not a software publisher

We are an integrator of GIS solutions and cultivate our independence through our projects in which we recommend the most suitable desktop GIS software. We always adapt our offer to the customer's needs.

GEO Generator

Windows/Linux - Proprietary

GEO Generator, published by the Business Geografic company, allows you to publish in record time dynamic maps in HTML 5 intended for the public as well as geographic information professionals to support decision-makers in the analysis of territories. The interface is intuitive and the complexity of the configuration is controlled by a rich and functional webgis administration console available in French and English.

The GEO Generator webgis server is particularly suitable for offering modern and dynamic GIS consultation and update interfaces to thematic users without specific knowledge of geomatics wishing to access geographic information on PC or touch pad. GEO Generator connects natively to PostGIS or Oracle geographic databases. The functional richness of GEO Generator and its ease of use allow us to calmly contemplate the broadcast of WEBSIG as close as possible to users.

Official licence provided by Business Geografic. Contact us for more information.
GEO GENERATEUR application géoportail WEBSIG
API Web SIG Open Source

API Open Source

Leaflet / OpenLayers - Open Source

We rely on Open Source mapping APIs such as Leaflet or OpenLayers to develop specific applications. We also associate them with open source map servers such as MapServer, Geoserver or QGIS Server.

Mapping servers

Mapserver / GeoServer / QGIS Server - Open Source

We have to deploy and use mapping servers such as MapServer, GeoServer or QGIS Server.

These servers are used to supply web clients (leaflet, OpenLayers, Lizmap, etc.) in order to set up a Web GIS solution using only Open Source components.

Serveurs Cartographiques