Spatial Data Infrastructure

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GeoNode, metadata and spatial data infrasctructure open source


Windows/Linux - Open Source

GeoNode is a platform for deploying a Spatial Data Infrastructure ( SDI ). This platform is completely customizable. It relies on the web framework Django for setup, on the map server GeoServer for the WEB GIS part and on the metadata server GeoNetwork .


Windows/Linux - Proprietary

The company Business Geographic has developed the GEO IDS platform around its WEBGIS application GEO GENERATOR in order to access the modules:

  • The open source wordpress CMS for managing content pages (news, pages ...)
  • A metadata catalog INSPIRE based on the open source software GeoNetwork ; users can add layers to their map from metadata
  • A portal for GIS WEB applications allowing users to reach the list of applications created with GEO GENERATOR

Official licence provided by Business Geografic. Contact us for more information.
Geo SDI, spatial data management Maptogis solution partner