School mapping

GIS at the service of education

GIS at the service of education

The strategic field of education is based initially on knowledge of the educational network on the field. Once collected, the data is checked then integrated into a geographic information system. A school map allows decision-makers to have a clearer vision of human resources, infrastructures and landmarks in order to be able to make the decisions necessary for its development.

Geolocation of schools and points of interest (POI)

Geomobility tools allow an exhaustive collection of infrastructures and data relating to education. Depending on your needs, we will help you choose the most suitable solution.

geolocalisation école carte scolaire

Surveys of students and teachers

Collection of additional statistical data with digital survey forms on the level / conditions of infrastructure, number of pupils and teachers, etc.

formulaires d'enquètes digitalisées carte scolaire


Cartographic information and indicators are published to users through a GIS WEB cartographic portal and monitoring and evaluation dashboards for decision-making.

geoportail carte scolaire et tableau de bord
Carte scolaire en Haïti

School map example

Creation of the Geo-localized Information System of Support for School Planning (SIGAPS) of the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (NENFP) of Haiti. Centralized Information System, ETL, WebGIS Geoportal and geo-mobile application on android tablet for the census of 16,000 schools in the country.

  • Country: Haïti
  • Dates: 2014 - 2018
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