Vegetation index monitoring

As part of the Rural Development Support Program (PADER), MAPTOGIS intervened on components 3 and 4. Our mission focused on the development of local land use planning and sustainable development in 3 towns and on supporting producers to improve production systems.

Vegetation Index monitoring over 10 years in cameroon
  • GIS Technical Assistance (TA)
  • Expertise in remote sensing and photo-interpretation
  • 10-year land use mapping
  • Mapping of land use change hotspots over 10 years
  • Training in the use of field survey tools
  • Training in the use of remote sensing software (SNAP) on the theme "Land use mapping"
  • Reporting


  • Theme: Remote Sensing
  • Mission: GIS Technical Assistance (TA), Training, Remote sensing
  • Sponsor: GIZ
  • Client: MINADER
  • Location: cameroon
  • Date: 2018 - 2020