National Telecom Geoportal


In partnership with Intelecon Research and Consultancy Ltd. (Canadian consulting firm in strategy focused on communication technologies), MAPTOGIS won the project of the Comunication Authority of Kenya (CAK), on the delimitation of white areas of the country (Access Gap Study).

In this context, we were in charge of setting up the national interactive Geoportail. After structuring the data from the various telecom operators, an in-depth spatial analysis made it possible to undertake precise mapping of the white areas of the country, both in terms of 2G / 3G coverage as well as television relay antennas and the fiber optic network.

Cross-referenced with information on the location and density of populations, the presence of points of interest such as schools, health centers, post offices, etc. This national land-use planning project is able to simulate future work by operators and the regulatory authority. This can be done both on the coverage of populations currently excluded and on the connection of school infrastructure and public health centers with very high speed.Implementation of a Geoportal web gis with DynMAP - PostGIS - ArcGIS for Desktop

Telecom mapping in
Telecom mapping in kenya

Project :

  • Thématique : Telecommunication
  • Theme : GIS expertise, Web GIS implementation
  • Sponsor : -
  • Partners : Intelecon Research and Consultancy Ltd
  • Client : Communication Authority of Kenya
  • Location : KENYA
  • Date : 2016 - 2017