School map of Haiti

Implementation of the Geo-localized Information System for Support to School Planning (SIGAPS) of the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (NENFP) of Haiti. Centralized Information System, ETL, Web GIS Geoportal and geo-mobile application on Android tablet for the census of 16,000 schools in the country.

  • Project management assistance (AMO)
  • Needs analysis
  • Recommendations
  • General and detailed specifications of the central database (modeling and data dictionary), geo-mobile application for collecting data from 16,000 schools in Haiti, ETL and controls and Geoportal WebSIG ​​
  • General specifications of the WebSIG ​​application
  • Development of the SIGAPS mobile application on Android tablet for data collection
  • Integration of GIS vector and raster data on tablets (including 30cm tiled orthophotography)
  • Development, installation and configuration of the MENFP central spatial database
  • Implementation of an ETL
  • Implementation of a WebGIS ​​of the SIGAPS school map
  • Development of a thematic observatory of the school map at national level
  • Drafting of "tailor-made" administrator and user training guides
  • Training of trainers (interviewers)
  • Training administrators (IT department) of MENFP
  • Reporting


  • Theme: Education
  • Mission: GIS expertise, IT / GIS implementation, mobile application development
  • Sponsor: Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)
  • Client: Ministère de l'education Nationale et de la Formation Professionnelle (MENFP) / Centre National de l'Information Géo-Spatiale (CNIGS)
  • Location : HAITI
  • Date: 2014 - 2018