Land Parcel Information System (LPIS)

Burkina Faso

In partnership with ATLAS GIS sarl (Benin), MAPTOGIS won the project to set up a LPIS for the management of Ownership certificates in 15 municipalities in the West of the Country (PACOF/GRN project) under the leadership of CA 17 International on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Development (MAAH) of Burkina Faso. Watch below the video of the LPIS presentation.

Projet :

  • Theme: Land management, LPIS
  • Mission: Development and integration
  • Sponsor: AFD
  • Partner: ATLAS GIS sarl
  • Client: CA 17 International, PACOF/GRN, MAAH
  • Location: Burkina Faso
  • Date: 2017 - 2020