Health map of Tajikistan

Heath Maspertplan of Tajikistan. Implementation of the first health map of Tajikistan in GIS format and implementation of an administration GIS installed at the Ministry of Health. Project managed by the CREDES-ACODESS group where MAPTOGIS was a GIS expert.

Analyse spatiale des temps d accès au soins
  • Collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MoH), international sponsors (UNDP, EU, WHO, USAid, GTZ), local authorities and the National Geographic Institute of Tajikistan
  • Diagnosis (inventory) in terms of spatial data in Tajikistan
  • Management of working groups with local authorities to define the working methodologies for the implementation of a geo-information system
  • Drafting of the technical specifications
  • Drafting of a text proposal specifying the institutional, organizational and contractual framework for access to GIS data between the National Agency for Geographic Information (Mapping Agency) of Tajikistan and international sponsors
  • Definition and implementation of GIS databases
  • Development of a relational public health database on hospitals, secondary and tertiary healthcare facilities using Microsoft Access technology in two languages ​​(English and Russian)
  • Mapping of population density in accordance with the indicators of the Ministry of Health
  • GPS and mobile GIS surveys (more than 3150 healthcare centers mapped)
  • Spatial analysis using an accessibility algorithm to determine the percentages of the population affected by the lack of access to healthcare facilities
  • Cartography, production of atlases (more than 500 maps) with creation of more than 130 different icons for each health center type and diseases
  • Installation and configuration of GIS on site
  • Training of GIS administrators
  • Reporting


  • Theme : Public health
  • Mission : GIS expertise
  • Sponsor: World Bank
  • Client: Ministry of Health
  • Partners: Credes, Acodess
  • Location : TAJIKISTAN
  • Date: 2010 - 2011