UE / FED : Strategic GIS action plan in Benin

Under the leadership of Danish Management Group, mission to identify and formulate a strategic action plan for the promotion of geographic information and capacity building on the Geographic Information System (GIS) subject in the areas of intervention of the 11th FED

évaluation SIG, plan d'action stratégique sig au Bénin
  • Specific evaluation of the achievements, evolution, strengths and weaknesses of FED projects with GIS component and of actors in Benin
  • Identification of geomatics needs ( GIS ) of the 11th FED
  • Strategic GIS action plan


  • Theme: Audit and evaluation
  • Mission: Evaluation and strategic action plan
  • Sponsor: European Union
  • Partner: Danish Management Group
  • Client: Delegation of the European Union (DUE) in Benin
  • Location: Benin
  • Date: 2017