PAPI: Combating the impacts of climate change

Flood Prevention Action Programs (PAPI). As part of the first maritime PAPI to be certified nationally (PAPI de Yves-Châtelaillon), drone mission to monitor coastal protection and altimetric evolution of structures.

Relevé par drone, SIG
  • Monitoring of coastal protection work over 18 months
  • Coordination with the authorities
  • rise of field control points by GNSS differential RTK (centimetric precision)
  • Flights by Drone
  • Post-processing of data.
  • Production of orthophotographs (precision 2cm pixel) every 4 months for evolution of the coastal protection site
  • Production of Digital Surface Model (MNS) of precision 5 cm altimetric
  • Development of a tool to compare tiled orthophotographs at Very High Resolution (HDR) taken by our drones at different times. The user chooses an image in each of the parts and moves in order to compare them, plus a Digital Surface Model (DEM) functionality which makes it possible to display a 3rd synchronized map representing the 3D result of the altimetric differentiation between two MNS of the same area. The user can know the altimetric evolution by clicking directly on the MNS image


  • Theme: Climate change
  • Mission: Drone, Orthophotography, DEM, 3D, Altimetric spatial analysis
  • Client: SILYCAF
  • Location: FRANCE
  • Date: 2016 - 2017