Benin flood zones

Urban environmental emergency management project (PUGEMU). Under the leadership of Repère Topo Bénin, support mission in satellite image analysis and field mission for the mapping of unbuildable flood zones in the communes of Tchaourou, Glazoue, Zogbodome, Ouinhi and Zagnanado.

benin flood zone
Activities :
  • Assessment of the situation
  • Participatory mapping
  • GNSS data collect of the village highest points
  • Flood zones definition from satelittes images (SPOT images) and Digital Elevation Model ( DEM )
  • Ground truth
  • Mapping / Atlas

Project :

  • Theme: Water, risks and urbanism
  • Mission: Map of flood and unbuildable zones
  • Sponsor: BAD
  • Partner: Repère Topo Bénin
  • Client: Société d'Etudes Régionales, d'Habitat, et d'Aménagement Urbain (SERHAU-SA)
  • Location: Benin
  • Date: 2014