Focus that some of our projects

GIS strategic action plan

Identification of needs and GIS strategic action plan in the areas of intervention of the 11th EDF in Benin.

Spatial Data Infrastructure

Implementation of the national platform for the rural sector in Burkina Faso (SDI web portal, WebGIS ​​, Open Data Geocatalogue)

Haïti school map

Implementation of SDI and the Geo-localized Information System for School Planning Support (SIGAPS).

Vegetation index monitoring

As part of the PADER program, calculation and evolution of the vegetation index in northern Cameroon between 2008 and 2018.

Tajikistan Health map

Implementation of GIS and health map , spatial analysis from accessibility algorithm, production of atlas .

Mangrove monitoring

Analysis and control of the evolution of the environment. Mangrove mapping by remote sensing in New Caledonia.

Work permit management

GIS at the heart of the development of a tool to manage sensitive activities in a high-risk area.

Insurance, risks and aleas

Development of an intranet application dedicated to the calculation of risks, challenges and hazards, particularly in the real estate heritage.

Kenya Telecom Geoportal

Spatial analysis, mapping of "white areas" national geoportal for the Telecom Regulatory Authority of Kenya.

Benin flood zones

Urban environmental emergency management project (PUGEMU), definition of unbuildable flood zones.

Martinique Water observatory

Installation (2009) then migration (2018) of the GeoPortal web gis of the water observatory of Martinique, accommodation, assistance and outsourcing. Continuous service.

IWRM - Water resources in Chad

Detailed preliminary design studies on the mobilization of ground and surface water in the Guera region (GIS hydrogeological cartographic part, watersheds ...)

Parking statement in Belgium

Tailor-made development of the mobile application survey for the exhaustive survey of supply and demand for on-street parking in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Land Inventory Protocol (LIP)

Custom development of a mobile application for the recording of socio-land and conflict data in order to feed a Land Parcel Information System (LPIS).