Our values

it will go better if we say it ...


We don't know how to do everything and we move forward with our qualities. We do our best for your satisfaction. And it seems to work well


We help our clients to make their GIS project a success in the medium and long term. We take care of their project by accompanying them day by day for a lasting partnership.

With smile

Everything starts and ends always better with a smile. The latter is not a simple facilitator, it is essential to maintain the pleasure of working together and the desire to achieve our common goals.

Freedom and frankness

Feel free to work together, free to say things frankly, in order to guarantee quality in the relationship with our customers and efficiency in project management.

Employee involvement

Everyone is invited to share their ideas and participate in the development of the company. It is the strength of an SME and a committed and courageous choice, to ensure that all the actors of the company participate in its development..


MAPTOGIS works transparently with its customers, including on its financial information. We deposit our accounts at the registry of the commercial court. Legal obligation ? Yes, but not always respected.

Equality between women and men

MAPTOGIS respects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1948 and its corollaries about gender equality and equality between women and men.

Respect for the principle of secularism

MAPTOGIS is, on French territory, a company whose premises are open to anyone practicing a religion (or not), in strict compliance with the principle of secularism of the French Republic, that is to say neutral towards live of all faiths.

Respect for cultures

All MAPTOGIS employees have the duty to respect and adapt to the customs of the foreign country where we operate. Any project organized outside of France can be adjusted according to the customary and religious rules of the host country.