Land management

Land management information system (LMIS)

The process is more important than the result

Land policy

Long-term political will and action, good practices and adaptation to the situation on the field.

Conflict management

Initiate dialogue for the prevention and management of conflicts related to land and natural resources.

Securing land

By defining customary rights, land rights and land use rights.

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Digital and geomobility at the service of digitization for the sustainability of information on land.

Natural resources

What type of natural resources and soil are present in our village territory?

Land use

Participatory mapping as a means of defining land use by people and animals.


Shared mapping, tools for knowledge, governance and community autonomy, accompanies land securing and conflict prevention.

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Geomobility for
data collection

Mobile applications and geolocation (GNSS / GPS) at the service of knowledge and securing data related to land management.


Monitoring and evaluation

Geographic Information System (GIS) applied to land management, land development, land security (LMIS) to prevent land conflicts.

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LMIS project example

Implementation of a Land Information System (LMIS) for the management of certificates of ownership based on a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) and its web / webmapping disconnected application for 15 rural municipalities located in the West of Burkina-Faso.

  • Country: Burkina Faso
  • Dates: 2017 - 2020
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