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Land Management
Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)
Environmental monitoring
Health map
& Public Health
School map
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GIS strategic action

GIS audit, evaluation and GIS strategic action plan dedicated to your organization. Governance brainstorming and capacity building.

Field data collect

Set up participatory mapping, field spatial data collect requiered by your GIS, check our analysis.

GIS software integration

We are not a software publisher. We analyze with you the best strategy for your IT and GIS system and integrate your software components.

GIS Technical Assistance

Our GIS consultant engineers master the geo-spatial information production chain, with GIS references all over 30 countries.

Drone & GIS

We are approved by the French DGAC as a civilian drone (UAV) operator with photogrammetric skills ( Orthophoto , DEM, ...)

GIS application development

Come up with an idea, leave with your GIS project. We are integrator and developer of GIS solutions, WebSIG, webApp, geo-mobile application.

GIS training

MAPTOGIS is an approved GIS training organization. Our training sessions are provided on site in France and abroad (French / English).

Remote sensing

Satellite images for earth observation, delimitation of natural resources, land use and environmental monitoring.

GIS Technical support

Helpdesk. GIS technical support for geomobility, GIS Desktop software, database, ETL, SDI, webmapping applications and WebGIS Geoportail, monitoring and evaluation dashboard.

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