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We are an integrator of GIS solutions and cultivate our independence through our projects in which we recommend the most suitable desktop GIS software. We always adapt our offer to the customer's needs.
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Windows/macOS/Linux - Open Source

QGIS is a free cross-platform geographic information system (GIS) released under the GPL license. It manages raster and vector image formats, as well as databases. Many public and private organizations acquire QGIS software as part of their activities and many of them do so as a replacement of other market-leading GIS software (ArcGIS, Mapinfo Professional, Geomedia, Global Mapper, SuperGIS).

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Windows - Proprietary

The american company Esri Inc. is the world leader in GIS. Pioneer in the management of geographic information, it offers the most complete range of software. "ArcGIS for Desktop" from Esri Inc. offers you the possibility of managing and integrating data, performing in-depth analyzes, to model and automate treatments, and to display the results on professional quality maps. With a rich analysis infrastructure, with ready-to-use tools and the possibility of creating geoprocessing models, scripts and complete working environments, "ArcGIS for desktop" gives you the means to better respond to questions, test the forecast and observe the relationships between your data.

Official licence provided by Esri. Contact us for more information.
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Windows - Proprietary

MapInfo Professional is a GIS software (Geographic Information System) published by the company Pitney Bowes Software (PBS) . The data is used daily by all types of organizations for their strategic decision-making. MapInfo Professional, through the use of the geographic component, makes it possible to better exploit the data by offering a new vision and new perspectives. The business intelligence capabilities of MapInfo Professional therefore help organizations better understand their markets, analyze trends and act with greater relevance based on risks and opportunities.

Official licence provided by Pitney Bowes. Contact us for more information.