Solution integrator

Geomobility, BDD, SDI, GIS, Web GIS, Dashboards

MAPTOGIS is not a software publisher

We are an integrator of spatial solutions and cultivate our independence through our projects in which we recommend the most suitable office GIS software. Our position is simple, to address each need without a priori or ambiguity and try to bring you the best technological response by playing on the interoperability of hardware and software solutions.
We always adapt our offer to the customer's needs.

Geomobility and GNSS

As part of a field mission, you need to implement a GNSS geolocation solution and mobile survey form.

Desktop GIS

The best way to extract the best from your data!

Databases and SDI

The fuel of your GIS stored in database (DB) and Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).


You want to set up an internet geoportal to distribute and work online on your digital data.


All type and spatial data must undergo a high level quality control before integration and distribution.


Follow all of your data and indicators through statistical dashboard.