GIS Software developement

Your custom tool

Come to see us with an idea, leave with a project!

MAPTOGIS supports you in the development of GIS, WebGIS ​​and geo-mobile applications. Often in "works management" in collaboration with our customers, we intervene according to your needs from specifications and development phases that we respect:

Quality Assurance

So that all stakeholders are in phase with the governance of the project, we define together the outlines of a scoping letter and Quality Assurance Plan (QAP).

Definition of needs

Have you clearly defined your needs, the risk matrix, the change and impact policy in terms of your human resources, the medium and long-term financial costs?


We should never start developing a GIS project without writing the general and detailed specifications, client / provider governance depends on it.


According to the specifications signed with the client, we develop your GIS solution in coordination with your technical teams according to a pragmatic and reactive method (AGILE).

Développement applications mobiles


This period is necessary to guarantee the sustainability of your GIS / WebSIG ​​/ IDS database and platform.


We host your data on web servers located in France, Europe or Canada in compliance with the general European data protection regulations (GDPR)

Support et assistance

Any GIS project can be subject to a post-project, post-training support and assistance contract. Refer this topic and contact us for more information.

Code recovery

Sometimes it is useful or even necessary to take the source code of a GIS application. Not always easy if we don't have the documentation of the original source code on hand.


Parking statement

Tailor-made development of the mobile application survey for the exhaustive survey of supply and demand for on-street parking in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Haïti school map

Implementation of SDI and the Geo-localized Information System for School Planning Support (SIGAPS).

Land Inventory Protocol (LIP)

Custom development of a mobile application for the recording of socio-land and conflict data in order to feed a Land Parcel Information System (LPIS).