Extract and Transform data

The more or less complex handling and processing of data is facilitated by ETL type software. These tools allow the implementation of processing chains in order to retrieve the final data as output, without going through the creation of numerous intermediate datasets. There are different ETLs on the market. We have chosen to invest in mastering the FME software, published by Canadian the company Safe Software , for its ease of use, many input and output formats and the number of transformers available.

MAPTOGIS is FME professional certified


Windows/macOS/Linux - Proprietary

ExtractExtract data

  • More than 500 input formats (file, database, services...)
  • Batch processing

TransformAnalyze data

  • More than 500 transformers
  • Processing, advanced set up, Cache feature, start/stop execution, etc.

LoadData output

  • More than 300 output formats (file, database, services...)
  • Create/Compare/Merge/Update/Delete

FME is a spatial ETL : a tool for Extracting, Transforming and Loading vector geographic data and images (raster). It is used in all sectors of geographic information: municipalities, government, industry, services, data producers, etc.

FME est composé de cinq logiciels complémentaires :
  • FME-Data Inspector : 2D/3D viewer
  • FME-Workbench : conception software
  • FME-Quick Translator : format/projection translator
  • Command line
Official licence is provided by Safe Software. Contact us for more information