UAV (drones) and Mobility

The advantage of UAVs is to intervene on any site with a high reactivity and very low cost (compared to a plane).

Our service includes the production of geo-referenced aerial photographies for direct use in your Geographic Information System (GIS) . Most of our interventions performed on surfaces between 2 and 5 hectares (Ha) with a drone multirotor but we can cover larger territories with a Drone "flying wing" type. The flights are carried out as conventionnal aerial survey campaigns with computing automated trajectories with recovery rate of 60-80% and a ground resolution of 5 to 20 cm per pixel . Our GIS services is at your disposal for the treatment of the raw data (from aerial photography to georeferenced orthophotos , Digital Elevation models (DEM), IR Vegetation Index (NDVI), Calculating volumes... etc).

Aerial georeferenced photographies for your GIS system in high resolution 5 to 20 cm/pixel.

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and contours lines for land management utilities.

From the resulting DEM the possibility to calculate volume of extraction.

Infrared (IR) imagery or hyperspectral UAV camera for environment projects.

Looking for a solution for identification and visualization of a network of road transport, rail or water? Want to share this information within your organization and use it to enrich your GIS layers?

Companies 2D3D.GIS and DrivenBy join to offer a MaptoGIS complete solution that meets your specific needs:

  • Updating your cartographic data from transportation networks
  • Analyze the state of your roads
  • Inventory of equipments (road signs, electric network, vegetation, sanitation...)
  • Planning shoulders street
  • Immersive view

Our Mobile Mapping offer includes :

  • Consulting and project setup
  • Equipment supply survey Mobile Mapping software and data processing
  • Training and skills transfer
  • Directed survey on your network
  • Web hosting your data
  • Creating and updating your GIS layers
  • Integration of this new tool in your production lines