Water management, Sanitation and Hygiene

Spatial data for WASH

Integrated water resources management (wetlands, IWRM), drinking water distribution, sanitation and hygiene (public health map) are key areas of intervention in international development and humanitarian aid (NGOs). The MAPTOGIS team has been involved in GIS Technical Assistance (TA) projects for many years with the mission of collecting, storing, analyzing, sharing and disseminating WASH data in order to allow implementation teams and their Technical and Financial Partners (PTF) to carry out quality monitoring and evaluation.

IWRM - water resources

Use of spatial data (remote sensing, drone, orthophotography, DEM) associated with field data collection to map water resources, watersheds, wetlands and hydrogeological zones.

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Drinking water and sanitation

Geographic information and georeferenced data for the establishment, management and maintenance of drinking water distribution and treatment networks, such as the construction and maintenance of sewerage networks.

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Within WASH data, water and sanitation management is combined with a public health component of good hygiene practices for disease prevention. Information often cross-referenced to health maps and school maps.

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Among our WASH projects

Water observatory

Implementation (2009) then migration (2018) of the webgis geoportal of the Martinique island water observatory, hosting, assistance and outsourcing. Continuous service.

IWRM - Water resources in Chad

Detailed pre-project studies on the mobilization of ground and surface water in the Guera region (GIS part hydrogeological mapping, watersheds ...)

Schools and WASH points of interest

Implementation of the SDI and the Geo-localized Information System for Support to School Planning (SIGAPS) for 16,000 schools and points of interest (WASH).

Benin flood areas

Urban environmental emergency management project (PUGEMU), definition of unbuildable flood zones.